“Tourism VAT revenue should be used to promote Portugal”

Entrepreneur André Jordan says “quality over quantity” is most important factor in tourism

André Jordan, the 88-year-old man best known for his contributions to the development of tourism in Portugal, has defended that VAT revenue generated by the sector could be channelled back into promoting the country as a tourism destination.

According to the founder of Quinta do Lago, “this is surely the cheapest way to promote the country.”

So he said at the presentation of the 15th QSP Summit, where he also stated that “in order for Portugal to have quality tourism, investment in promotion is vital”.

“The promotion of the product must be done by entrepreneurs. The promotion of the country is the job of Turismo de Portugal (national tourism authority),” Jordan explained.

One of the ways to successfully promote the country is to move away from the “very cheap” type of tourism, he warned, adding that “quantity is not the best” factor when it comes to the tourism sector.

Entrepreneur André Jordan
Entrepreneur André Jordan

According to André Jordan, Portugal must break free from the “blackmail” that he believes tour operators impose on the country, lamenting that there are four- and five-star hotels charging €100 per night.

Innovation is key, said the entrepreneur, adding that Portugal must focus its promotion on clients who “value the country”. In other words, just because Portugal gets things done with little money does not mean that it should undervalue its products and “sell” them cheap.

His recommendations came during a ceremony to unveil the 15th edition of the QSP Summit, which will take place in Matosinhos between June 28 and 30. The event is expecting 3,000 participants, 140 exhibitors and 60 speakers and is described as the “largest management and marketing conference in Europe.”

Leader of excellence

André Jordan has been awarded the ‘Prémio Líder de Excelência’ (Leader of Excellence Award) by online tourism newspaper T News.

Said T News, “his entrepreneurial and intellectual legacy continues to be a source of inspiration for tourism professionals”.

Meanwhile, another 15 people were awarded the ‘Prémio Líder do Turismo’ (Tourism Leader Award) at the event held at NOVA SBE in Carcavelos on Thursday (May 26).

The list of winners is as follows: Adrian Bridge, CEO of The Fladgate Partnership; Ana Jacinto, Secretary General of AHRESP; António Trindade, President of PortoBay; Artur Abreu, President of Grupo Abreu; Bernardo Corrêa de Barros, President of Turismo de Cascais; Cristina Siza Vieira, CEO of Associação da Hotelaria de Portugal; Dionísio Pestana, President of Grupo Pestana; Francisco Calheiros, President of Confederação do Turismo de Portugal; Jorge Rebelo De Almeida, President of Grupo Vila Galé; Luís Araújo, President of Turismo de Portugal; Manuel Proença, President of Grupo Hoti Hotéis; Nazir Din, President of the Executive Commission of Sana Hotels; Pedro Costa Ferreira, President of APAVT; Rita Marques, Secretary of State for Tourism, Commerce and Services; and Thierry Ligonnière, CEO of ANA Aeroportos.

By Michael Bruxo
[email protected]