Tourism suicide

Dear Editor,

We enjoy trips to the Algarve at least four times a year.

I am, though, becoming very concerned about what I am hearing and reading lately concerning increased crime and the tolls on the A22.

I feel both will have a big effect on tourism. It looks like some police will be re-deployed onto the A22 to deter the vandalism on the toll stations – will this have an effect on the policing in the towns, i.e. Albufeira?

As for the tolls, it is certainly putting me off driving on the A22. It’s not the cost just the confusion to visitors about how to pay etc.

I certainly don’t want to be taken to one side next time I visit by customs for non-payment of toll charges and a possible fine!

So I will most probably be adding to the increase of traffic using the EN125.  

I really believe the government is committing tourism suicide … the number of discussions on these two subjects I have looked at on the likes of Trip Advisor speak for themselves.

We hope in just over a year’s time to be spending more time in the Algarve on long stays but now have a few concerns.

I will continue to be a reader of the Algarve Resident from afar and it is always the first thing I buy when we are over! It’s a great paper!

Best wishes to all at the Algarve Resident.

Ray Green, by email

Editor’s note: Dear Ray, thank you for your comments. The latest information on the tolls can be found on page 4 of the Algarve Resident January 6 edition.