Lisbon (Photo: Louis Droege/Unsplash)

Tourism secretary of state hails 2023 as “best year ever”

2024 can be an even better year, secretary of state says

2023 was the best year ever for Portugal’s tourism sector, with more than 30 million guests representing a total of 77 million overnight stays and revenue totalling around €25 billion.

“It was indeed a very positive year for the country’s tourism, and also for Portugal as a whole, a record year for tourism, the best year in the history of tourism in Portugal,” said Portugal’s Secretary of State for Tourism, Trade and Services, Nuno Fazenda, at a public session organised in Lisbon by the national tourist board, Turismo de Portugal.

He highlighted the several records achieved in 2023, with more than 30 million guests, a growth of around 10% compared to 2019, which had been the best tourist year, as well as 77 million overnight stays and revenues of around €25 billion, up 18.5% from 2022 and up 37% from 2019, the last full year before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Fazenda also emphasised that there was growth in all regions of the country throughout the year: “We’re talking about a structural change in our tourism.”

The secretary of state said that he believed that tourism would grow “even more in 2024” – citing confidence in companies and workers in the sector, as well as in public policies for tourism.

Source: LUSA