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Tourism projects approved in Silves

SILVES CÂMARA’S approval of plans for five four and five star tourism developments that will increase tourist capacity by more than 7,000 beds were met by disapproval from political parties who claim that the plans have been held back for over 10 years.

The developments that were approved at a council meeting consist of four urbanisation plans for tourist developments, namely Atalaia, Quinta do Paço, Quinta do Pateiro and Vila Fria and detailed plans for the Praia Grande area.

“All of the plans had received favourable reports from all of the necessary entities and had been subject to public viewing,” said Isabel Soares, President of Silves Câmara.

Manuel Ramos, a council representative for the Coligação Democrática Unitária (CDU) political party, was not impressed by the move and said that these plans had been held back by the Câmara for over 10 years.

“It is only now that the Plano Regional de Ordenamento do Território do Algarve, PROTAL, will come into effect that they are being presented,” said Manuel Ramos.


The greatest number of beds allocated will be in the Praia Grande area, near Pêra, with 3,997 beds divided between three luxury hotels. Two golf courses were also part of the plans that were approved with favourable votes from the social democratic party representatives.

The other four projects were approved by unanimous vote, totalling more than 3,000 beds. Atalaia and Quinta do Pateiro are both planned to have around 600 beds while Quinta do Paço has established a limit of 1,100 beds divided between two five star hotels and two health clinics. Vila Fria also has a maximum of 1,000 beds allotted.

“The new projects represent a revolution in tourism and will bring a breath of fresh air to the economy of the county and the region,” said Isabel Soares.

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