Can't Skip Tomorrow

Tourism of Portugal launches campaign to promote responsible, sustainable tourism

Tourism of Portugal, the country’s tourism board, has launched a new campaign to promote more responsible and sustainable tourism, using the hashtag #CantSkipTomorrow.

Aimed at the UK, France, Spain, Germany and Brazil, the video was released following recommendations by the World Tourism Organization, which aims to help the tourism sector recover responsibly after the current pandemic.

“This message conveys our responsibility, as a tourist destination, to the Portuguese, tourists, companies in the sector and, above all, towards a planet that needs to regenerate”, Luís Araújo, President of Tourism of Portugal, said in a statement. 

Each video starts with various images of the country for which it is intended, while the voice of a child, which eventually becomes that of an adult, talks about the country’s natural wealth. The voice says it “comes from the future” and wants nature to be cared for, so that we can all continue to travel and discover new destinations.

The subtle soundtrack consists of an arrangement of the song “Verdes São os Campos”, by Portuguese artist Zeca Afonso, made by Red Mojo.