Tourism crisis and golf

Dear Editor,

My main area of concern is what I think as bad marketing strategy by golf course managers throughout the Algarve.

Why oh why in times when throughout the world we are all struggling with our finances and protecting our savings, do the courses in the Algarve still charge premium rates for a round of golf?

This is a big industry and should be viewed on a more competitive basis and market forces should be taken into account.

Much cheaper golfing packages are available in Turkey and Tunisia and therefore Portugal is losing out to those countries for its tourism business.

The value of the Euro against the Pound is not at the forefront of golfers minds when booking a holiday – it’s the cost of the package. 

Also, the Algarve has many long-stay north Europeans who can’t book golf using a package holiday and the price which they are asked to pay is astronomical.

Gloria Fletcher, by email