Tourism board presidency agreement reached

The two men involved in a dispute over the presidency of the Algarve Tourism Board (ERTA), António Pina and Nuno Aires, have reached an agreement.

As a result, António Pina will remain as ERTA president until the end of his term in 2012, while Nuno Aires will work as vice-president.

The quarrel started when Nuno Aires, who had been president since 2009, objected to the comeback of António Pina as president of ERTA (see Algarve Resident March 18 edition) and filed a court injunction demanding his immediate dismissal.

Now Nuno Aires has agreed to become ERTA vice-president following a meeting between the two men on April 11.

“I have concluded that the best solution for ERTA would be to find an understanding with António Pina. We will now look at the difficulties in the tourism sector and find solutions to solve them,” said Nuno Aires.