Inside view of Touriga Wine & Dine

Touriga Wine & Dine – a wine lover’s paradise in the heart of Carvoeiro

Not many people would open a new wine restaurant on the 26th of December, when everywhere around is firmly shut for the winter. But that’s precisely what Carvoeiro local Jorge Carvalho did. Touriga Wine & Dine was born of Jorge’s passion for Portuguese wines and food and has been stylishly and lovingly designed for likeminded souls to enjoy the experience. With comfortable seating and big wooden finishes, the dining and bar areas offer a versatile space, and the outdoor terrace is a great spot to watch the world go by. You can either pop in for a quick glass of wine alone, have a romantic table for two or a fun gathering with friends.

The wine selection is something that you’ll be very hard pushed to find elsewhere. Jorge has been collecting wines for many years and has included some of his private collection in the purpose- built glass wine cellar. With an astounding selection of rare and not-so-rare bottles that fill the black shelves that run along the entrance wall, there truly is something for everyone’s taste and budget here.

The menu is small and easy to navigate with a staple selection of favourites and nibbles to accompany your wine tasting along with an ever-changing variety of main dishes for those who prefer a plated meal. The cheese board is delicious and the perfect partner to a bottle of something special. The fried baby squids are tender and packed with flavour and the pork cheeks fall apart with the touch of a fork. When we visited, they were serving a codfish with chickpea and olive pesto dish that was very popular and looked pretty as a picture. For those with a sweet tooth, there are always a few treats to finish off the experience.

Many things set Touriga apart from other establishments: The design and attention to detail will be appreciated on arrival but what stands out later is the level of service and the knowledgeable staff. Tell them what you like and let them surprise you with something unusual. The interaction can be as involved or informal as you want and if you’d like to know more about the grapes, processes, etc. they are more than happy to share their knowledge.

Training has been imperative and is something that is taken very seriously with site visits to the vineyards and front of house manager Francisco Borralho did the 2019 season at the two-Michelin star Vila Joya. Speaking German, Portuguese and English, every care is taken giving you the best experience possible.

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Inside view of Touriga Wine & Dine

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