Tour operator Tui faces lawsuit demanding “massive compensation” for teen’s shallow dive to “catastrophic injuries”

Tour operator Tui is said to be facing a High Court writ for “massive compensation” – worth “several million pounds”, claims a UK tabloid – over the horrific case of a teen left with “catastrophic injuries” after diving into a shallow pool at the Albufeira Holiday Village Algarve resort.

Says the Sun quoting from the writ, staff running the resort “encouraged holidaymakers” to dive into shallow water by organising “inherently dangerous competitive diving games”.

Even though “no diving” signs were in evidence and there was “a clear no diving policy” , “the resort effectively ignored both the signs and the policy”.

“Diving took place and was commonplace in both the indoor and outdoor pools”, states barrister Stephen Killalea QC.

And thus 15-year-old Corey Peyton would have been unaware of the risk he was taking when he dived head-first into the shallow end of an indoor pool.
Corey, now 19, broke his neck after his head “collided” with the hard pool base.
Explains the writ, he “sustained catastrophic spinal injuries” for which his barrister now maintains Tui “must bear financial responsibility”.
The text of the writ claims that staff “failed to exercise proper care and skill about the safety of Cory at the hotel” and “caused, permitted or suffered him to dive into the shallow water of the indoor pool. ” The Sun nonetheless stresses that it has not seen the defence proffered by Tui (formerly Thomson Holidays), and that the “contents of the writ have yet to be tested before a judge”.

“However, on a full liability basis, Corey’s claim is likely to be worth several million pounds”, says the paper, “due to his youth and the severity of the injuries”.

The tragic incident took place in 2013.

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