Torre de Belém replica unveiled for the blind

news: Torre de Belém replica unveiled for the blind

A SCULPTED replica of the Torre de Belém especially for the blind was unveiled last week. The joint Lisbon Rotary Club/Lisbon Câmara initiative 1:50 scale model has been placed within the environs of the actual 16th century Manuelian tower. The model also marks the 100th anniversary of the Rotary Club, which is being celebrated this year. The city council believes that this project could be extended to other monuments within Lisbon and across the country, and has called on other social institutions and societies to get involved in the idea, which the Câmara intends to support.

The model, cast in bronze, is the work of sculptress Maria Leal da Costa and includes information written in Braille about the monument’s history and the materials from which it was built. C.G.