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Tornado hits Tavira

A tornado hit the riverside area of Tavira on April 17.

According to the regional emergency rescue operations authority (CDOS), the low-intensity tornado hit at 9.35 am.

A spokesman said it brought several trees down and caused damage to boats at the Club Náutico de Tavira.

The tornado also affected the club’s building support structures, causing damage to the garage, the sheds and the entrance gate.

The commander of the Tavira fire department, Miguel Silva, said: “The tornado totally destroyed some boats and damaged some others.”

According to the mayor of Tavira, Jorge Botelho, there were no injuries but about 30 boats were affected, which resulted in thousands of euros of damage.

The intensity of tornados varies from F1 and F5 on the Fujita scale and such low intensity tornados are common in the country according to the Portuguese Institute of Meteorology.

A spokesman said that most of the tornadoes that occurred in Portugal are of low intensity, F0 or F1 on the Fujita scale.”

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