Tornado hits Olhão as storms batter Algarve

Monday evening saw the day’s already appalling weather develop into a dramatic storm, with thunderclaps, sheet and forked lightning and even a tornado that ripped over rooftops, brought down trees, dislodged traffic signs and damaged various cars in the northern part of Olhão a little before 8pm.

According to reports, the town’s municipal pavilion was “particularly affected” with tiles ripped from the roofing structure.

It was these that in falling to the street caused the damage to “various cars”.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported and the weather this (Tuesday) morning is much calmer.

Needless to say, firefighters were called out on SOS missions as homes, shops and businesses, particularly in Faro’s Baixa district, filled with water.

In some cases, reports Região Sul, water reached a height of 30-50 cms, causing “mini lakes” in various parts of the Algarve capital.

But as the city was already on ‘flood alert’, these are now being dealt with in a major mop-up operation.

Elsewhere, floods were also reported in Albufeira, Lagos, Portimão, Silves, São Brás de Alportel, Lagoa and Vila Real de Santo António.

The worry for residents and businesses in Albufeira is that none of the flood defences promised after last year’s disaster have been started. Thus fears are that even worse flooding could just be ‘another bad storm away’.

As for the rest of the week’s forecast, things are set to improve. Today is the last day for rain and high winds, and the sun should be returning, accompanied by clouds, from tomorrow.

Temperatures too are set to rise slightly, with maximums returning to between 17 and 20ºC.

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