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Top travel bargains

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GOA HAS come out top in a survey of the cheapest long-haul destinations to offer real bargains for eating, drinking and souvenirs, while Bulgaria is the best bet for bargain hunters on short-haul holidays.

However, Brazil is set to be a big hit with holidaymakers, as the second cheapest destination worldwide – and the cheapest of all for a pint of beer! A pint in Brazil costs just one euro, compared to 1.50 euros in Goa, 1.20 euros in Bulgaria and three euros in Spain.

Another interesting shift is that Spain, particularly the Mainland and Balearics, has become cheaper than in previous years. After the introduction of the Euro in 1999, Spain, Italy and Greece became more expensive than non-Euro destinations, leading to huge growth in popularity for Bulgaria and Turkey. But this year, Spain is the second cheapest overall European destination, with Majorca in third place.

‘Bulgaria is the best bet for bargain hunters on short-haul holidays’
‘Bulgaria is the best bet for bargain hunters on short-haul holidays’

The Algarve and Madeira also feature in the bargain section, at numbers eight and 10 respectively.

Finally, another hot tip for summer is for people travelling to the US to take advantage of the weak dollar. A holiday in Florida is extremely affordable, thanks to the favourable exchange rate.

Here are the cheapest holiday destinations for summer:


1. Bulgaria

2. Spain 

3. Majorca

4. Turkey

5. Menorca

6. Croatia

7. Cyprus

8. Algarve

9. Greece

10. Madeira


1. Goa 

2. Brazil

3. Tunisia

4. Cuba

5. Morocco

6. Gambia

7. Egypt

8. Jamaica

9. Florida

10. Mexico

So what are you waiting for? Call your travel agent and grab a bargain break today!