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Top quality windows and doors

For many years, Mestre Raposa have been supplying a wide range of top quality designed windows and doors across the Algarve.

Mestre Raposa pride themselves on being trendsetters throughout the region when it comes to modern design of living environments, with windows, doors, conservatories, insect protection, blinds, shutters and more, all of which are made using a variety of materials such as PVC, wood and aluminium.

All products are long-lasting and come with warranty.

When working with the company, customers are offered ‘Made in Germany’ products that provide maximum stability and security for any building or structure.

Tailored consultations to clients, builders and architects dealing with any kind of projects including windows and doors can be given by Mestre Raposa’s team of specialists.

The professionals are all trained in various disciplines and, most importantly, are concerned with finding the most feasible solution for the client as possible.

For repairs, renovations or any kind of redesign, Mestre Raposa is the company for you – and if unable to accommodate to your needs, they will assist in finding the best alternative solution.

For more information, please contact Mestre Raposa on 289 355 420, email [email protected] or call into their showroom located on the EN125, Quatro Estradas, Loulé. Visit: