Top pin-up

OASIS FRONT man Liam Gallagher has been voted a top celebrity amid gay men.

He made the top five alongside actors Russell Crowe and Colin Farrell, in a poll conducted by dating website, Even with his reputation for gay-bashing other celebrities, such as calling the England football team ‘gay boys’ and Robbie Williams ‘a ******* drama queen’, Liam’s new metrosexual style appears to have been a success with gay men in Britain who now find him very attractive.

He was already mocked by his friends after enjoying a day of pampering at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles, which included eyebrow and chest waxing. He said ‘People who’ve got any soul will realise there’s a day when you go home, put your feet up and cuddle your kids. But when you do show a bit of caring they call you a poof.’