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Top marks for international school students in region

Students from the International School São Lourenço (ISSL) are celebrating positive exam results at GCSE and A Level.

Head teacher Terry McGuire said: “Standards of teaching and learning at this school are high but always improving.  We will never rest on our laurels because our children deserve the very best and that is why they will get it.”

The school prides itself on the policy of encouraging pupils of all abilities to sit GCSEs and students across the ability range achieved results beyond expectations.

Some of the most outstanding students at the school included Florence Trodd who achieved seven A*s and two As at GCSE level while Celine Vandycke finished with six A*s and three As.

At A Level, there were equally impressive results with Áine Campbell achieving three As and she will now be going to Cardiff University to study Optometry while Freddy Waite finished with three A*s.  Freddy plans to take a gap year before applying to Cambridge University to study mathematics.

Meanwhile, the high grades of all the sixth form students at the ISSL mean that they have all fulfilled the requirements to attend their first choice universities.

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