Top Italian outdoor solutions in the Algarve

Toldolanda has been incredibly busy since the beginning of this year. They have worked through all of the lockdown period, as most of their work is done outside, using all the safety measures, as advised by Portugal’s health authorities. They tell us that many of the region’s foreign residents, that would normally just come to the Algarve later in the year, for shorter periods, have been here since this all started, instead of being in London, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany or elsewhere in the world, because they consider the Algarve as a safe place to live during this pandemic!

Having worked for many years with the German, Weinor, and Italian, Gibus, brands as their main suppliers, they have now also signed a contract with KE Outdoor Design. Even though Gibus and KE are both high-end Italian brands, Toldolanda tell us that they do not overlap as they offer quite different products and options. For example, Gibus is known for the excellent quality of their insulated Louvre roofs with their complete seal-off system. KE, on the other hand, has beautiful Italian design solutions like their Gennius line’s freestanding pergolas and their vertical awnings and screens.

“All KE Outdoor Design products are created by skilled, experienced Italian designers, who always strive for perfection, and engineered for a long life of reliable service and customer satisfaction. And that’s why we now have them at Toldolanda!”, tells us Petra Barnhoorn, CEO of the company.

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