Top Chinese official stresses importance of security cooperation with Portugal

Guo Shengkun, a member of the Chinese Politburo – the 25 people who oversee the Communist Party in China – was in Lisbon last Friday for talks that stressed the importance of raising the level of cooperation on law enforcement and security between the two countries.

In Russia earlier in the week, Guo was described as urging the international community “to pool efforts to implement a new vision of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security under new circumstances”.

“In the face of the ever-changing international situation”, Guo told an audience made up of representatives from 119 countries that China “has created two miracles of sustainable and healthy economic development and sustainable social security and stability”.

China is willing to share its experience in security governance with countries around the world, Guo continued, and work with all parties to address various issues and challenges.

In Portugal – meeting with foreign affairs minister Augusto Santos Silva acting, in this instance, for prime minister António Costa – Guo stressed China’s willingness to deepen cooperation in economy and trade, education, science and technology as well as the joint building of President Xi Jinping’ Belt and Road initiative (click here for background).

He also said that cooperation on law enforcement and security is an important part of the relationship between the two countries, reports China’s globaltimes website, adding that during the visit, Guo “also held talks with the head of Portuguese law enforcement and security departments”.

Other Chinese websites also carried the gist of this story, but there was scant mention of it in the Portuguese press.

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