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Top chefs take national flavours across the Atlantic

An initiative to last several months will promote Portuguese gastronomy in Brazil running until June 2013.

The Portugal dos Sabores (Portugal of Flavours) initiative, part of the ‘Year of Portugal in Brazil’ celebrations, began in September and sees nearly 20 chefs, both Portuguese and Brazilian, offering their culinary skills at eight restaurants in São Paulo.

Taking part in the initiative is Algarve Chef Dieter Koschina (Vila Joya boutique hotel in Albufeira), who flew out to Brazil to participate in a tasting dinner on October 6, along with international chefs Tsuyoshi Murakami, Vítor Sobral, Helena Rizzo, Daniel Redondo, César Santos, José Avillez, Albano Lourenço and Leonel Pereira.

Starting on November 26 and lasting eight months is the ‘Chef Duets’ project, in which a Brazilian chef will welcome a Portuguese chef at his restaurant in order to create a menu of Portuguese food and wine that will be available at the establishment for one month.

In May 2013, Dieter Koschina will again be flying to Brazil to join Chef Sergi Arola in an “exceptional gastronomic evening” at his restaurant, Arola Vintetres, on the 17th and 18th of the month.

Then, on June 10 (Portugal Day), when the initiative will come to a close, a charity dinner serving food created by all Portugal dos Sabores Chefs will take place at Arola Vintetres restaurant, with proceeds going to the Brazilian ‘Zero Hunger’ project supporting social inclusion and providing food for the most vulnerable in society. The dinner will feature only Portuguese gastronomy and wine.

Portugal Chefs: Albano Lourenço (Arcadas da Capela, Hotel Quinta das Lágrimas, Coimbra); Dieter Koschina (Vila Joya Resort, Albufeira); José Avillez (Belcanto, Lisbon); José Cordeiro (Feitoria, Altis Belem Hotel & Resort Spa, Lisbon); Luis Baena (Tivoli Hotels & Resorts); Leonel Pereira (Panorama Restaurant Sheraton, Lisbon); Paulo Morais (Paulo Morais, Lisbon); Ricardo Costa (The Yeatman, Porto); Vitor Sobral (Tasca da Esquina, Lisbon and São Paulo)

Brazil Chefs: Alex Atala (Dalva e Dito, São Paulo); Cesar Santos (Oficina dos Sabores, Olinda); Helena Rizzo and Daniel Redondo (Maní, São Paulo); Jefferson Rueda (Attimo, São Paulo); Sergi Arola (Arola Vintetres, São Paulo); Tsuyoshi Murakami (Kinoshita, São Paulo)