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IN THE six years since her debut CD …Baby One More Time set Billboard charts a-trembling, Britney Spears has been sprinkling her sex-kittenish fairy dust around like long-overdue disinfectant.

Many new pop stars are clearly influenced by her absolute commitment to being a ‘popstar’. Her music is always totally pop and she has, so far, not tried to be too clever, nor haboured any desires to be taken more ‘seriously’ as a music artist. Britters seems very content with simply being a pop princess.

Do Somethin’ is taken from her Greatest Hits, My Prerogative album – a bit cheeky considering this is her fourth album and she’s barely out of puberty, but a good album nonetheless. The Bobby Brown cover and title track stomps and bomps behind Britney’s almost sneering vocals, and Do Somethin’ has a certain dance-floor urgency to it.

Britney’s music is mostly electronically enhanced lyrics over loud, heart-racing beats that cause the listener to get caught up in wanting to have a boogie and forget about listening to the words or the sound of her vocal range. For such a young artist, it is premature to release a CD of greatest hits and some have panicked that this may be the end for our beloved Britney. Luckily, she has admitted that she is just taking a career break and will be back writhing on our screens and belting out more infectious pop songs soon enough.

Do Somethin’ has some quite witty lyrics and a very catchy chorus, which she screeches her way through somehow holding the tune. It also has a fab video, influenced directly by Spears (she revealed in an interview that she styled the video herself by choosing the Juicy Couture tracksuits that she and her dancers wear). The video features a bubble-gum pink Hummer with a Louis Vuitton interior, bouncing rhythmically against a cartoonish blue sky with fluffy clouds – fantastic. The video also features an underwear-clad Ms. Spears playing air guitar on a bed, breaking new ground as well by demonstrating that not only is she capable of writhing on a bed in her underwear, but that she can also pretend to play an instrument at the same time.

This is typical Britney – lots of attitude and no messing about.