Too many projects and little funding

Dear Editor,

Is it just me, or do Portuguese entities seem really good at launching endless projects for this, that and the other, representing investments to the tune of millions, but few actually seem to be put into practice? Or at least as they had been panned out.

The latest culture projects for Sagres that Inês Lopes wrote about in last week’s edition sound extremely interesting and the area definitely deserves everyone’s utmost attention as it is just beautiful.

However, can we really count on them coming to fruition?

I mean, these projects seem to go on for years and, in the end, people just forget all about them. If I went back to older editions of the Algarve Resident, I bet I would find dozens of these ambitious projects that have never come to anything.

I know funding is scarce and culture is probably the last area to see it, but please – let’s only announce projects when there is a real intention to truly implement them and funding has been secured. “An application for funds has been submitted…” How many times have I read this!?

Joana Carlton

Western Algarve