Too many oranges in my garden

I would be grateful if you would print my letter to enable me to get any sort of feedback from other residents in the same position as me. I decided to move home and start a new life here in Portugal. When I found the property that suited me, I got everything going and moved in April. I took over the house at the end of May, after getting the house and land cleared up. We now have to address the 650 orange trees and many tangerine trees that we have on our land. We have millions of oranges that are absolutely beautiful and better than the ones I was paying approximately 60 cents for in England. I have been to different people who have oranges but nobody wants to buy them. Is there some sort of organisation I can contact, as I hate to see them just drop off. I did not intend coming to Portugal to make money, but, after all the caring for the oranges, watering and so on, I would like to get back what it costs me. The only alternative is to chop the lot down, but that doesn’t seem like retirement to me. I have neighbours in the same situation – they have been to the juice factory in the past, but they want to know how many tons you can supply – well, who knows (I don’t)? It would put my mind at rest if I can get some information from any other reader, before I get completely ‘tangoed’. I see trucks everyday loaded up with oranges – where are they going? How do the Portuguese make any money out of them? Thank you very much for your attention in this matter.

Shelagh Compton