Too fat to be in jail

PRISON AUTHORITIES in Canada have released a convicted drug gang member early from prison because he is too large for his cell.

The 37-year old prisoner, Michel Lapointe, known as Big Mike, was arrested in September 2006 and received a five year jail sentence in May, from which he was released this month because at 200kg, he cannot fit in his cell.

According to reports by the Journal de Montreal newspaper, Michel Lapointe could not fit on the chair in his Montreal prison cell and when he went to bed his body protruded six inches on either side.

As well as the prisoner’s health, the authorities also cited the refusal of two other facilities to accept him, which led to his freedom.

“I’m going to have a proper bed and finally have a chair I can sit in. I want a normal life. I’ve done some stupid things and I’ve paid for them,” said Michel Lapointe.