Tomar plane-crash victim “out of danger” though pilot dies

Tomar plane-crash victim “out of danger” though pilot dies

Accidents || Following on from a devastating year for aviation accidents around the globe, two light aircraft have crashed in Portugal – causing the death of the pilot of one of them, and three serious injuries.

The first plane came down in Beja on New Year’s Day and the pilot and his 14-year-old passenger, who were rescued from certain death as the downed aircraft caught fire, are now being treated in separate hospitals in Lisbon.

The second plane crashed as it was attempting its landing at Valdonas aerodrome in Tomar.

According to news reports, experienced pilot José Borba went into cardiac arrest after the accident and died later in hospital.

His passenger, paraglider Nuno Castanheiro, 43, is reported to be “free from danger” though still in hospital in Abrantes.

Meantime, investigations are ongoing to determine the causes of both accidents.