Dear Editor,

Having had an apartment for five years in the Algarve and coming over regularly during Easter, I have never had such a bad experience as I have at the airport and trying to get information on the tolls. Eventually I used the A22  and then went to a post office to pay the toll but, after 15 minutes  waiting and no information, I left.

I will try again this week, although this is biting into my holiday break. I now travel around the Algarve on minor roads which adds to the disappointment of this particular holiday.

The way tourists are being treated is disgraceful and the government needs to look at the poor reputation this is giving the region and the possibility  that people may not return.

I am worried for my daughter when she arrives in four weeks, driving for the first time in the Algarve and having to worry which roads to use or not.

The rental company said to me that if we do not pay I will get an invoice to my home address in the UK – is this correct?

As you can see, total confusion on a holiday break that used to be a pleasure. Online payments will certainly help. Talking to a neighbour he said he may even think about selling due to the difficulty now of travelling from airport and tolls. Shame!

Jim O’ Donnell

By email


Dear Editor,

I thought that I had to email you regarding the tolls.

I have had an apartment in Lagos for approximately seven years. My wife and myself spend a few months each year in it and enjoy it.  One of my main concerns is to ensure that all my bills are paid and have enough money in my bank in Lagos for an emergency .

My wife and myself came over on March 25 to pay my bills etc. I always hire a car and have done for many years. When I asked the company about the tolls and payment, they could do little to help me and advised to use the EN125.

I decided to use the A22 to see if I could work out a solution regarding payment which from Faro to Lagos is €6.75.

As advised, I waited two days before payment. In the Lagos post office, when I went to pay, I was lucky there was only my payment due on the car. When I asked how I would pay on the return to Faro airport, the man in the post office said ‘don’t pay’! Giving the next person who hired the car the problems. I have never had any unpaid bills and I find this an unacceptable way to do things.

When I queried his statement his reply was ‘how can you pay?’ He was right – there are no systems in place… I could go on all day about this.

I return to England on April 25 on an early flight so I will try the EN125  and have no unpaid bills.

Richard Dunbar

By email