Tolls to increase on 20 of Portugal’s 22 motorways

Motorway tolls will be going up from January 1, with exception of the A4 (Marão Tunnel connecting Matosinhos with Amarante) and the A13-1 (the 9km stretch connecting the A1 near Lisbon to the A13).

In an announcement, Infraestruturas de Portugal (IP) stresses the fact that “just 111 tariffs (22% of a total of 500) will be changing amounts charged) but this has to be set against the fact that the 111 are the ones that cover most vehicles.

For example, in the Algarve (A22), every tariff increases other than Classe 2 – just as SUVs and people carriers lose their Classe 2 classification and start paying Classe 1 (click here).

On the A25 (Beira Litoral) Classe 1 vehicles face also face paying more though numbers given today are for the full stretch of the road, not sections.