Tolls protests suspended

ANTI-TOLLS DEMONSTRATIONS, protesting against the introduction of tolls on the Via do Infante motorway (A22) in the Algarve, have been suspended until further notice due to the current political instability, according to the protest co-ordinators.

The Resident spoke to Elderíco Viegas, President of AHETA, the Algarve Hotels and Tourist Enterprises Association, one of the key business associations behind the anti-tolls protests, who said: ”There is no point in us staging more protests until February when the new government will be in place following elections. First, we need to ascertain what this government’s ideas are regarding the introduction of tolls.”

Viegas did emphasise, though, that the co-ordinators would not be just sitting back and waiting, but would, in the meantime, try to swell the ranks of protestors by getting more local associations and juntas de freguésias involved. “We will also be holding meetings with all the political parties during their election campaigns to make sure they are fully aware of the strong feelings and legitimate complaints with regards to the proposed introduction of tolls on the A22.”

When asked if he was confident about a positive eventual outcome, he immediately replied: “I’m sure that no matter which government is in power, there will be no tolls on the Via do Infante, even if we have to increase our protests to achieve this.”