Tolls protest fails

Around 40 people took part in the A22 users’ commission slow march along the EN125 near Faro on August 15 in protest of the introduction of tolls on the A22 but.

Left-wing politician João Vasconcelos, who set up the commission, told the Algarve Resident: “We are scheduling new protests very soon and we hope more people will come along.”

He criticised the lack of support from politicians and Mayors in the Algarve.

Once again the protest was based on the A22 users’ commission conviction that the EN125 road is not an alternative to Via do Infante and accidents on that road will increase dramatically with the introduction of tolls.

“Once tolls are introduced on the A22, traffic volumes on the EN125 will increase and, as a consequence, the number of fatalities will double or triple.

“Regardless of redevelopment works, the EN125 will never be an alternative to the A22-Via do Infante. If tolls are introduced, drivers will be forced to travel on the EN125, which is a ‘street’. There will also be serious traffic circulation problems,” said João Vasconcelos.