Tolls on A22

Dear Editor,

I have read the article about the EN125 in the Algarve Resident (March 11) and fully agree with the problem.

Last week I wrote to the Portuguese President and the Prime minister the letter below.

These have been sent in English as I was advised that this might have a better effect and the letters were sent registered mail and with advice of receipt.

“Exmo. Snr Presidente AND Exmo Snr. Primeiro Ministro, I am writing to you about the problem of the suggested tolls on the Algarve through road, the A22.

As I am sure you are well aware there is no one who lives here who considers that this is a viable solution as the only alternative road is the 125, which is in its present state a death trap both for the residents and also the tourists.

It had been stated officially in the recent past that the A22 would remain free until the 125 road had been properly upgraded to be suitable for today’s heavy traffic and also, therefore, be safe to use both for local traffic and also the tourist traffic

In this respect, the Spanish must also be included as they are an ever increasing section of the tourist visitors and it is understood that they are also not at all pleased with the fact that they will also be forced to pay tolls as soon as they cross into Portugal.

I have had the privilege and pleasure to live and work in Portugal for many years and consider that it is my duty to offer my advice on such an important subject, which I am sure will benefit both Portugal and the Algarve if a reasonable solution is taken and the A22 is left free until a really suitable alternative has be organised.

Should you agree that something should be done before it is too late and we have yet further serious road accidents in this tourist area to both locals and visitors, then will you please discuss this with your government and help to find a suitable solution? I might add that both my family and our friends who live here in the Algarve love Portugal and its people and are always ready to help local causes whenever we can.”

Jeremy Bull

by email

Dear Editor,

Congratulations on the excellent article in the Algarve Resident (March 11 edition) about the rules for paying tolls on Portuguese roads.

The dilemma faced by car hire companies and their customers over the imminent introduction of tolls on the A22 has already been highlighted.

Motorists using the A22 will have to pay their toll at a CTT or Pay Station with an additional administrative charge, but it is not clear to me how customers dropping off their cars at Faro airport, prior to their flights home, will be able to pay.

A Pay Station would need to be opened at the airport, and manned 24 hours a day throughout the year, to facilitate toll payment.

I have heard of no plans to introduce such a facility, which suggests that this particular problem has not been anticipated.

J Maule

by email