Tolls due to come down (on highways that were never meant to be tolled)

Tolls are to be reduced on the country’s ‘ex-SCUT’ highways (motorways originally devised to ‘freely promote mobility’ but which were saddled with charges during the austerity years).

Minister for Territorial Cohesion Ana Abrunhosa announced the ‘good news’ today, saying the reductions would be approved this year and be “more significant” for light vehicles.

They will come into force in 2021, she said – and be particularly focused on ex-SCUT roads in the Interior “allowing a reduction in costs in the context and approximation of populations”. (Ironically, this is exactly the reason for the construction of ex-SCUT highways – heavily subsidised by EU funds – in the first place).

Nothing is mentioned of the ‘ex-SCUT’ Via do Infante highway in the Algarve, but it is more than likely to be included as there would be a public outcry if it wasn’t.

Ever since tolls were introduced on the formerly free regional motorway, accidents on the only ‘alternative’, the EN125, have increased (click here).

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