Tolls divide Portugal’s ruling party

The government’s political representation in the Algarve broke its silence over its party’s contradictory views on the subject of tolls on the A22.

After a parliamentary session on October 28, in which the PSD/Algarve was accused of remaining in “total silence” about tolls on the A22 by opposition parties PCP and BE, social democratic MPs have now said that while as individuals they are opposing the measure, they won’t publicly “go against” the government’s decision.

Left-wing politician João Vasconcelos, who set up the Comissão de Utentes da A22 (A22 users’ commission) had said at the time that he found it strange that Algarve MPs for the PSD party had made no statements.

A spokesman for PSD/Algarve told the Algarve Resident: “Our PSD government has decided on the matter, therefore it would be absurd for us to stand in Parliament contradicting its views.

“Although we oppose the introduction of tolls on the A22, we have made no election promises at regional level that we would be stopping them. However, we have asked the Prime Minister that when the government discusses toll tariffs that it has in mind the fact that a substantial part of the A22 investment did not come from the State’s coffers.”