Tolls approaching

Dear Editor,

I know this letter will be an unpopular one with your readers but I feel that I have to write it.

For months now I have been reading letters from correspondents opposing the introduction of tolls on the A22.

Many of them argue that they will use the EN125 in order to avoid paying tolls and then go on to say that an already dangerous road will become more dangerous because of the increase in traffic.  What kind of logic is this?  Are there really people who would prefer to risk death or injury rather than pay a few extra euros in motorway tolls?

Added to this a journey on the EN125 will take far more time and increase petrol consumption.

I have no more desire to pay a toll than anyone else and some of the arguments against their introduction are, no doubt, valid.

However, to suggest that people should boycott the A22 and use the EN125 instead is an irresponsible and dangerous idea.

Name and address supplied

Dear Editor, 

We have started to come to the Algarve for the winter to bird watch as we are retired and like to leave the cold winters in England behind.

We love Portugal and we have been following the reports about the tolls with trepidation as they are our main safe thoroughfare to the sites we enjoy

Now that we have heard that the tolls are definitely coming into force we have decided to look to go to Spain this year instead as it is cheaper to start with to rent there and the tolls would just put extra onto our budget that we cannot afford.  I am sure this is not what the Portuguese Tourist Board wants to happen.

A sad former tourist.

Jan Tapp, by email