Tolls and hire cars

Dear Editor,

Just wanted to let your readers know of our experience with the tolls on the A22 on our two weeks holiday over Christmas and New Year.

When we picked up our hire car, we were instructed to jot down the amount as we passed each gantry on the motorway. This we did for our entire holiday.

We arrived at Faro airport and were travelling the full length getting off at the Lagos end and onto the A120.

When we returned the car, we added up the cost and when handing over the car, showed him the amount, he added tax and told us how much we owed, which we paid in cash.

But I don’t know if there was a machine on the car which registered us as we went along. If there was, we couldn’t see one, but it all seemed quite straightforward for us.

We are just waiting to see if there is any cost deducted from our credit card, which of course you have to register with your hire car company when picking up your car.


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