Toll operators have no idea!

Dear Editor,

I recently spent a week in the Algarve and only used the A22 to enter and exit Portugal. I already knew the toll had been introduced and had tried to find a way to prepay but was unsuccessful so I thought I would pay at a post office.

On visiting the PO, I was told I could not pay as my car has UK plates and he did not know what I should do.

As we were only in Portugal for a short stay, I did not want to waste time trying to find a place to pay so waited until I was back home and phoned the helpline on 707 500 900 where a very helpful person explained I could not pay her but gave me another number for Via Livre on 707 201 292. Here another very helpful person took all my details – registration, make of the car, my email and phone number.

She said I would be contacted shortly with details of how much I owed and that I could pay by credit card. I suggested it would help if road signs explained how to pay and she made note of the suggestion.

Two days later I received the following email from Via Livre:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Regarding your complaint above, we would like to inform that “Via Livre” is the operator of the tolling service in the Via do Infante Sagres (A22).

The motorways in which tolls are electronic only are signed with a reference “electronic toll only”, a few kilometres prior.

Foreign-registered vehicles are required to have an electronic device in order to travel in these lanes, or a pre-paying license plate registration.

Concerning your specific question the method of payment available, for foreign vehicles, we would like to inform you as follows:

According to Portuguese Law (Artigo 17, portaria 314-B/2010), every vehicle with a foreign registration plate should only travel in “Electronic Toll only” motorways with a temporary device.

This device can be required at a local post office shop. The device is already charged with a minimum due of 10.00€. The amount in this device in non refundable, the payment can be charged in a valid Credit Card.

In case of a short stay, up to 5 days, a registration in the post office website (CTT) is available (, were the vehicle driver can fill some forms identifying the vehicle, and choosing the amount to charge for the travelling in the “toll only” motorways. This amount, if not used, will be refunded.

Best Regards,

Vialivre, S.A.

Apartado 5024-Ec

Sete Rios 1081-601 Lisboa

Tel: 707 201 292

E-mail: [email protected]

There has been no further communication and so I still do not know how to pay! It is obviously operated by people who have no idea what they are doing and I along with many others will not be using the A22 again unless the toll is abandoned

I found the EN125 acceptable for my needs but the appalling driving habits of some put us in dangerous situations on more than one occasion.