Toll motorway

Dear Editor,

Regarding the idea of making the A22 (Algarve) into a Toll motorway, this is purely a way for making more money from motorists (mainly tourists) which will adversely affect tourism in this area.

An alternative idea would be to have cameras along the motorway. We drive this motorway regularly. We stay within the speed limits but are constantly passed by other cars which must be travelling around 150-200KM/h. They should be fined!

Almost every other time we travel this road, which is quite regularly, we pass crashed vehicles attended by police, ambulance and other emergency services.

This idea of speed cameras to catch these speeding motorists would make it safer for other motorists and save money on police, ambulances and other services including repairs to the structures i.e. barriers.

This would generate a lot of money.

David Atkinson

by email