Toll Chaos

Dear Editor,

Having just had family over, hiring a car from a well known hire company, they where told that they could use the A22 and they would not be charged for it!

I informed my son-in-law he would be charged and how he had to pay, when, where and how inconvenient it was.

He then rang the UK helpline (on loud speaker so that we could hear) and was told he did not have to pay the toll.

Having also been informed, having asked two counter hands at the Faro Airport, was given the same advice (no fee payable). Having taken him into Loulé post office (most inconvenient) found that he had incurred charges to the sum of €6.25. God knows how much this would have ended up being if not paid before going home and the fines and paperwork and again more inconvenience.

They should be boycotted or fined for misleading their clients or are they simply trying to add to the chaos already in place?

Having spoken to many people, the tolls would be OK if they could pay as they go, as are most in the world, but having to go to a post office after two days is a joke.

Especially if they are on the way back to the airport and don’t have time.

Maybe if the Government had someone who actually thought about things before implementing them, would it not be a better idea to open a post office at the airports, instead of employing numerous translators to help the tourists, as reported in last week’s Algarve Resident.