Toddler twins removed from “drunken English father” at Albufeira hotel

An English widower has had his two-year-old twin boys taken away from him after he was “seen drunk more than once” at an Albufeira hotel.

According to TVI24, employees became worried about the children’s wellbeing and called GNR police.

Agents checked the father’s blood alcohol level, which was 2gm/litre, and determined the 45-year-old man was “unable to care for his children”.

The twins were taken to Faro Hospital as a precaution “around midnight” last night and are now in the care of Faro’s Aboim Ascensão children’s home.

They were accompanied the whole time by “GNR agents and employees of the hotel”.

Luís Villas Boas, head of the home, told us they are doing “very well”.

“They slept well and have been playing,” he added, stressing the matter is now in the hands of Faro’s family and children court.

The man and his children were staying at the Adriana Beach Club Hotel Resort in Olhos de Água.

The Resident has contacted the hotel for more information, but the management refused to comment, saying the matter is “in the hands of the authorities”.

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