Toddler killed by intercity train in Guarda

An investigation is underway after a child, described as “about two and a half” was killed today after being hit by an intercity train at Sobral da Serra staion, in Guarda.

The accident happened around 1.30pm.

For now, there are only the most basic details: the train was en-route for Lisbon. GNR and firefighters attended the scene, and police are trying to establish the circumstances that lead to the tragedy.

UPDATE 3.30pm

CMTV has filled in some of the blanks. The child was a boy (named by newspapers later as Rafael). He is understood to have been alone, and “playing”.

Intercity trains do not stop at Sobral da Serra ‘station’ – basically a platform on the line – and thus the train that hit Rafael “would have been going at around 100 km/ hour”.

Friday’s Correio da Manhã stressed that locals are now demanding barriers at the platform and some kind of protection to “make sure there are no further deaths” on the line.

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