Photo of Lagos Intermarché’s new in-house range of food

To die for!

Lagos Intermarché’s new in-house range is something to feast your eyes on

At Lagos Intermarché there are constantly new arrivals to ensure that customers receive the best service and the best products. That is why the shop’s in-house production is becoming more and more varied.

Now, in the chilled takeaway section, you can find classic hummus, pea hummus and even beetroot hummus to accompany your snacks or serve as a starter at a family dinner. There are also all-natural yogurts with red fruits, strawberry with cocktail, and peach and passion fruit, as well as different flavours of bagels that are perfect for a mid-morning or afternoon snack, and ensure you make a healthier choice. For when you are in a rush and out of lunch ideas, there are options as varied as they are delicious that you will want to try, such as the sardine and roast potato salad, salmon with mayonnaise, prawn and rice bowl, and there is also a vegan option.

The hypermarket’s pastry section never ceases to amaze us either – from tiramisu to red berry crumble, you’ll be spoilt for choice! If you prefer a lighter, more nutritious dessert, Intermarché’s in-house production has the new family fruit trays that welcome you at the shop entrance with their bright colours.

In addition to being prepared daily by the hypermarket’s specialised teams, Lagos Intermarché’s in-house production guarantees the utmost freshness of the products and a final result full of flavour. Have you made up your mind yet?

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