To All Visitors to the Algarve

My wife and I have just returned from a very pleasant holiday in the Algarve. It is many years since I holidayed in Portugal (pre-internet) so decided to do some research on the web.

Amongst some well worth tips on places to visit, I was baffled and confused about the situation with regard to hire cars and A22 tolls.  As I was due to pick up a hire car at Faro, I tried to dig a little deeper with no success at all.

However, in what I now regard as great good fortune, I emailed Inês Lopes, the Editor of this excellent publication, asking for any help she could offer. Within minutes she had replied with two pieces of advice:

1. Do not use the A22, use the EN125 instead

2. Stop on the EN125 and buy some oranges.

I strongly urge that all other visitors take Inês Lopes’ advice.

I took both.  The EN125 was no problem at all and the oranges are indeed the best I have tasted for may a long year.

Rod Pickford

By email

Editor’s note: Dear Rod, Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad my advice did not disappoint!