Tired and stressed young professionals

LISBON’S PROFESSIONAL 20 and 30 somethings are so stressed and bogged down with paying mortgages and car loans that they have forgotten how to relax, according to the Movimento Acorda Lisboa (MAL), Lisbon wakeup movement.

“Lisbon is asleep and needs to be woken up” says a member of MAL, adding: “we feel that young people have a rather rigid and regimented life: living to work rather than working to live in order to pay home loans.”

On Saturday, March 10, MAL invited people to gather at the Santa Caterina Belvedere to kiss one another.

“We weren’t trying to beat the world record, the objective was to promote a cultural show of feelings. We photographed young couples kissing and then later we’ll blow them up and project them on Lisbon buildings.”

MAL want to promote offbeat activities that have never been tried before.

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