Tips for greener driving

FOR THOSE of us who cannot afford a new fuel efficient car and want to make more of an effort to drive in a more environmentally friendly way, the way a vehicle is driven and maintained makes a significant difference.

Keeping tyres properly inflated reduces drag and lowers fuel consumption as well as making tyres last longer.

According to Ford, fuel mileage is cut by 0.4 per cent for every 703kg per square metre (or one PSI) drop in pressure.

Other maintenance tips include using the recommended motor oil, cleaning out the boot, so as not to carry unnecessary weight, removing the roof rack when not in use, to reduce drag, and servicing the vehicle regularly.

Use air conditioning sparingly. Instead, open a window if you are travelling below 80km per hour.

Being stationary is still wasting fuel so if you know you will be there for more than one minute, it is more beneficial to the environment to switch off the engine.

Finally, the best way to really cut down on fuel emissions is to not use a car at all, but to cycle to work or use public transport and car pooling with colleagues who take the same route as you each day.

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