Drus bust of 628 kilos of cocaine hidden in melons

Tip-off leads PJ police to almost 628 kilos of cocaine, hidden in melons

Melons were due to be transported to Belgium

A tip-off lead PJ police to a warehouse in Palmela where a consignment of melons from Brazil was found to be packed with cocaine.

According to reports, the cocaine was hidden within the melons in little sachets; the entry points ‘concealed’ with a form of vegetable glue.

The “elevated quantity of drugs” (more than six million individual doses) has been variously valued at between €12 million and €19 million.

It appears the Palmela warehouse was simply incidental in the trafficking route. No arrests have been made. Setúbal PJ is described as “trying to identify the authors of the drug trafficking”.

The melons arrived in paletts via Setúbal port from Brazil and were due to be transported by road to Belgium.