Time to stock up

Apolónia’s “Feira do Vinho” (wine fair) starts on Saturday and, as always, there are some great bargains to be bagged. Looking at the catalogue, the Bairrada page jumped out at me, offering a whopping 50% discount on the excellent Colinas Reserva red – beat me to it if you can!

This wine is good value at the usual price of €19.95, so at €9.95 it is well worth snapping up a few bottles, especially of the 2010 vintage, before it sells out.

Not all of the wines on special offer are featured in the catalogue and it is likely that there will be others with 50% off, but many other wines will be discounted anywhere between 10% and 40%. Look out for various Niepoort wines such as Redoma white reduced to €11.85 with 30% off.

And as well as Portuguese wines, there are generous discounts on foreign wines from Italy, France and the New World, including Champagnes.

I do wonder if anyone will be tempted by the 10% discount being offered on Petrus, bringing the price down to €3,145 for a bottle!

At the other end of the scale, an attractive 30% discount is offered on Esteva red, the entry level wine from Douro bigwigs Casa Ferreirinha, down to just €3.49. This is a wine I have long considered to be one of the best low-budget Portuguese reds on the market.

The selection can be somewhat daunting as there are some 2,000 different wines on offer at the Lagoa and Almancil shops (a few less in Galé) and well over 200 of them will be discounted for the fair, which runs until September 24. 

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