Time to scrap law obliging homes to be connected to gas – PSD

Law dates back to 2017

A law brought in 2017, obliging households to be connected to piped gas networks, should be scrapped in the context that it is now seriously out of date.

This is the opinion of PSD social democrats who have tabled a draft law to this effect.

“In the context in which the price of gas has risen sharply, and given the objectives of decarbonisation and the fight against climate change, its consumption is discouraged to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions”, says the text, stressing there is no justification for the retention of ‘mandatory installation of a gas network’ to people’s homes.

This is a law that particularly affects new builds and one which the PSD stresses was aggravated in 2018 by the stipulation that every home had to have a gas installation network “even if use (of gas) was not foreseen”.

The party stresses this is a matter of “resource efficiency” (or rather lack of it), as it implies costs that could amount to “at least €1,500 considering design, installation and certification” when the system could very well remain unused.

The PSD’s draft law follows a petition which entered parliament recently also calling for the 2017 law to be dropped.

As the text stressed, this is a demand that “succumbs to the interests of multinationals and professional associations”, not one that has roots in  citizens’ interests or environmental protection.

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