Time out or just in time? Give a dog a home!

Time ticks for all and especially those who have no time to speak of.

Pet Park in Mexilhoeira Grande have a lively thriving business managed by eager animal lovers, Gary and Wendy. The cattery has been re-built and painted. It looks like a feline fun-park. Tyres, swings, bobbing things. Their paying guests are given cushions, beds, duvets, a day couch to loll on… Oh come on! You can drop your woofer off and have your own stay-away day. Special rates for special dates apply within.

Amongst the canine clan are a few of APAA’s abandonees. The Association for Protection of Animals Algarve and Pet Park have a special arrangement, which works out extremely well. Whilst animals are sheltered, cared for and fed, the re-homing plan kicks into place.

SNiP, APAA’s Spaying and Neutering Programme, keeps the cats’ population down and ensures that mature canine matrons are not over-bred – if caught in time.

Some of the golden oldies featured have long past been re-homed or, unfortunately, gone to doggie heaven.


Recently, Pet Park oldie Dusty went for an away day to check out the possibility of a re-homing. Poor lass pined, missing her friends of three or four years, her regime, her carers. Institutionalised. Returning with her tail held high.

Talking of time, Rafa is a young German shepherd coming up for two years old. He is definitely an alpha male. He is a handsome dog and fit. Rafa needs a younger, athletic chap. A sort of ‘Super Human Alpha Male’.

On the other hand, Lilly, a golden Podengo girl, needs a loving older person who will give her lots of attention and treats. Lilly’s main attraction is one very floppy ear, which gives her a sort of rakish look.

Ancient Babaloo will never be re-homed. He has just had a wash and brush up followed by a shave. He looks younger and fitter. “He’s strutting about acting 10 years younger. Bless him.” Wendy has a soft spot for him, the iconic, car-park attendant, the wanderer.

'Rafa' Alpha Male
‘Rafa’ Alpha Male

Millie, a fast and eager warren hound, has just arrived. The owner decided she didn’t fit in with his lifestyle. Around 18 months old.

So, before time runs out for young Rafa, Lilly or Millie for that matter, visit Pet Park – call 964 946 869. Dusty’s timing, too late. But the others? Hopefully, just in time.

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