Time for TAP inquiry to hear both sides involved in ‘deplorable situation’

Time for TAP inquiry to hear both sides involved in ‘deplorable situation’

João Galamba and Frederico Pinheiro to go before MPs “with maximum urgency”

The TAP parliamentary commission of inquiry has today unanimously approved of the hearing “with maximum urgency” of both infrastructures minister João Galamba, and his sacked former deputy Frederico Pinheiro, following a week of high tension and the so-called ‘deplorable situation’ at the ministry’s offices.

The commission is also due to hear Mr Galamba’s chief of staff Maria Eugénia Cabaça – a woman who is understood to be among those who hid in the ministry lavatories following Frederico Pinheiro’s alleged attack on aides reportedly trying to block his access to what he claims was his computer. 

Say reports, the commission has also requested to see the documents relating to TAP that are on the computer.

Bloco de Esquerda MP Mariana Mortágua is the member of the commission who has asked specifically for access to those documents, saying it is important to understand whether “there is documentation in the computer that the parliamentary commission of inquiry has not had access to” this far. 

Among the many versions of why Mr Galamba dismissed Frederico Pinheiro is the claim, by Pinheiro, that the ministry wanted him to omit information (if he was called to give evidence to the parliamentary inquiry) about a preparatory meeting with TAP’s former CEO. He rejected the idea, which he says led to his curt dismissal by Mr Galamba over the telephone.

Source material: LUSA