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Time for a time change says industry

FOUR COMPANY confederations have written to Prime Minister José Sócrates to ask for Portugal’s time to be brought into line with some other European countries.

The letter from industry, commerce and agricultural bosses argues that an hour’s time difference with Spain, France, Germany and Italy cause difficulties over commercial contacts and increases costs for Portuguese bosses and managers.

The letter written by the Portuguese Industrial Confederation (CIP), Portuguese Commerce and Services Confederation (CCP) and the Portuguese Agricultural Confederation (CAP) argues that a uniform 24 hour clock within Europe would facilitate economic relations and enhance unity.

And it’s not the first time that Portuguese bosses have lobbied the government to make the legal time the same as in other EU countries.

Tick tock

Every five years the EU issues a directive asking member states to present the Commission with a report on the implications of the legal hour in each country.

With a new report scheduled to be made around April 30, the three confederations are seizing the opportunity to make their voices heard, pushing the government to alter the time away from that shared with the United Kingdom.

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