Tightening the leash on dog laws

FOLLOWING A dog attack on a 12-year-old boy in Lagoa on February 23, the opposition party in the local câmara has called for stricter controls on potentially dangerous dogs and their owners.

The Socialist party has said that the elderly are afraid to walk around the streets and there is a general feeling of nervousness about safety. It called for more communication between the police and the câmara to ensure that owners of potentially dangerous dogs are abiding by the law.

They believe that these owners should be inspected more often to ensure the required documents are in order and the dogs are properly harnessed.

However, animal rights association, ANIMAL, has criticised câmaras across Portugal for launching “irrational and immoral” campaigns against animals. It claimed that câmaras are holding the animals responsible when it should be the owners that are accountable.

Meanwhile, the Rottweiler that attacked a 20-month-old toddler on February 14 in Loulé was put down earlier this week. The toddler remains in hospital but is no longer in intensive care.