Thursday’s Covid bulletin: further fall in hospital numbers

Thursday’s DGS bulletin on Portugal’s latest situation regarding Covid-19 sees hospital numbers fall yet again.

There are now only 395 people requiring hospital treatment for complications from Covid-19 infection; 104 of them in intensive care.

These are the best numbers to come since last September.

In the last 24-hours there have been four further deaths (taking totals since the start of the pandemic to 16,956) and another 636 new infections.

Recoveries from testing positive have reached 832,891 – maintaining the percentage of deaths per caseload at 2.03%.

Perhaps the only ‘niggle’ in the bulletin has been the fact that new cases in the Algarve increased from yesterday’s +19 to +37. But this could be due to an increased level of testing.

The four deaths were spread between the north (+2), centre (+1) and Lisbon (+1).

The north registered the highest number of new cases (+269), followed by Lisbon (+203), centre (+58), the Algarve on +37 and Alentejo on +30.

Madeira and Azores registered no deaths and +17 and +22 new cases respectively.